Introducing FarmSTAND!

After nearly a decade of operating at Public Justice, the team behind The Food Project has launched FarmSTAND, an independent organization focused solely on taking on and transforming industrial animal agriculture (Big Ag). 

During its time at Public Justice, The Food Project brought innovative cases challenging injustice in the food system and won important change for the communities most impacted by industrial agriculture. 

Now, they’re continuing that crucial work under a new name. 

We are excited to see what’s next for FarmSTAND and will continue to partner with them on cutting-edge litigation where our work intersects  We hope you’ll continue to follow the team’s work over at FarmSTAND here.

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“I am so proud that Public Justice helped nurture and support this work over the last decade. However, in recent years, the Food Project team has heard from movement partners that what is most needed now is an organization purely focused on addressing the problems created by industrial animal agriculture. FarmSTAND is answering that call and will continue the work to push for a more just food system.” 

- Paul Bland, Executive Director of Public Justice