Clean Air

Climate, Environmental Justice Groups Call US-EU Methane Reduction Commitment a Long Overdue First Step

Today, environmental justice, rural community and environmental groups across the United States recognized the U.S. and European Union’s joint pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30 percent from 2020 levels by 2030 as a positive if insufficient step, while urging the Biden Administration not to follow through on mitigation efforts that rely upon false industry championed climate “solutions”. In particular, they call on the administration to use existing legal authority to require methane limits and to reject factory farm gas, branded “biogas” by Big Ag and Big Oil & Gas, as a means of reducing methane from industrial agriculture operations. Factory farm gas technology props up the factory farm system at the expense of Black, Latino, Indigenous, and white rural communities and further harms the land, air, and water across America.

Petition to EPA: Industrial Agriculture is a Climate Polluter

Industrial agriculture is a major driver of climate change. However, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to treat the industry like the climate polluter it is. That is why Public Justice led 25 climate, environmental justice, and rural community groups representing over 2.4 million members…