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Contact: Masha Vernik, Communications and Organizing Coordinator
Phone: (305) 542-8400

About the Public Justice Food Project

The Public Justice Food Project envisions a future where our food chain results in healthy, empowered communities and sustainable livelihoods, and an animal agriculture system that is transparent and accountable to people, not profit. It is the only legal project in the country that is focused solely on dismantling industrial animal agriculture — particularly, the structures that enable the consolidation of corporate power and extractive systems — and supporting a positive vision of animal agriculture that is regenerative, humane, and owned by independent farmers.

Sourcing at Public Justice

Reporters, editors and producers are welcome to contact the Public Justice Food Project for insight and analysis any time you are researching or reporting on legal issues and developments. Our areas of expertise within the Food Project include:

  • Climate Change
  • Air and Water Pollution
  • Transparency and Consumer Rights
  • Civil Rights and Environmental Justice
  • Industrial Agriculture and Public Health
  • Consolidation and Antitrust in Agriculture
  • Ag-gag, and Constitutional Implications of Agricultural Laws

Our Cases

The Public Justice Food Project fights for a better food system by bringing strategically targeted litigation that supports the larger good food movement and redresses the structural and institutional inequities upon which the current system is built. In addition to pursuing litigation that makes a difference, we combine litigation with base building and communications to create lasting change, and are growing a legal network across the country to support communities impacted by industrial animal agriculture.


Our email newsletter, Justice Briefs, is sent monthly. Each newsletter provides feature articles or brief updates on each case in the wide-ranging public interest litigation docket of Public Justice, including our Food Project. This includes coverage of our special litigation projects on environmental enforcement; fighting unnecessary court secrecy; fighting federal preemption of injury victims’ claims; fighting mandatory arbitration abuse; and preventing class action abuse. Sign up for Justice Briefs here.

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