Iowa Ag-Gag I (ALDF, et al. v. Reynolds, et al.)

Iowa Ag-Gag I (ALDF, et al. v. Reynolds, et al.)

Plaintiffs challenged an Iowa law that criminalized undercover investigations at factory farms and slaughterhouses. Specifically, this statute (the Ag-Gag law) made it a crime to gain access to, or employment at, such a facility under false pretenses—that is, through speech. The district court struck down the law as facially violative of the First Amendment because the law penalizes and thereby chills First Amendment-protected activities based on the content of speech, and because it is not narrowly tailored to serve the State’s asserted interests.

The State of Iowa appealed the verdict to the 8th Circuit. A number interested parties filed Amicus briefs on both sides. Appellate briefing has finished and the parties await the scheduling oral arguments.

District Case No.: 17-cv-362-JEG-HCA

Court of Appeals for Eighth Circuit Case No.: 19-1364

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