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In the past 25 years, the food system in the United States has undergone a fundamental shift as industrial systems have overtaken independent farmers and ranchers and a handful of companies have consolidated an unprecedented amount of power. These companies rely on factory production methods and, concerned solely with their own bottom-lines, pump out their products with no regard for the harms they cause to our climate and water, public health, the animals they raise, their workers and neighbors, and rural economies. Help us fight for a better food system by signing up for our action alerts now.

Food workers who serve, deliver, distribute, process and harvest our food are doing critical work in this moment of crisis and everyday. Food workers are still on the job throughout the food chain. Every sector of the food supply chain provides essential services for the public, as many recent government orders have recognized.

Yet, food workers on the front lines are facing dangerous working conditions, a loss of wages, and a lack of access to healthcare, while many corporations are profiting off this crisis. Urgent action is needed by all levels of government to protect food workers–and not just big business–now and in the long-term.

Read the full letter from Food Chain Workers Alliance and add your name to say: Frontline food workers need protections NOW.



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  • September 7, 2021 Meat + Poultry: Hormel Foods deceptive advertising lawsuit sent to trial

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    Today, the District of Columbia Court of Appeals issued a decision reviving the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s case against Hormel Foods’ “Natural Choice” advertising, and sending the matter to trial. The appeals court reversed a lower court’s ruling, finding that the Animal Legal Defense Fund has standing to pursue its false advertising claims against Hormel Foods, and that those claims are not displaced by federal animal products labeling laws. The lawsuit, filed in June 2016 together with Public Justice and the Richman Law Group, alleges Hormel is misleading consumers through the advertising of its Natural Choice brand of lunch meats and bacon, in violation of the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act (DCCPPA).