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Protecting Workers
In Covid-19
Exposing Abuses
Of Corporate Power
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A Better Food System

The Public Justice Food Project uses strategically targeted litigation, coupled with basebuilding and storytelling, to address the structural and institutional inequities upon which our current food system is built and work toward a food system that is free from extraction and exploitation.

Attorney Network

We’re looking for attorneys and law students to join the movement for a better food system. Learn more.

  • January 23, 2023 FoodPrint: How Hormel Exploited Confusion Over the Natural Label

    Natural is a confusing term for consumers. As we explored in an episode of our podcast, “What You’re Eating,” most people don’t know what it means or if it’s a regulated term. Is it the same as organic? Does it mean animals were treated well or that food was

  • January 19, 2023 Law360: Colo. Farms Say State's Labor Rights Law Is Unconstitutional

    A group of Colorado farms and ranches challenged a bid to dismiss their suit in federal court over an access provision in the state’s agricultural workers’ rights law, arguing the statute flouts U.S. Supreme Court precedent and unconstitutionally restricts employers’ property rights.

  • November 22, 2022 Vox: Sen. Cory Booker has a plan to stop taxpayer bailouts of Big Meat

    The process of factory farming nearly 10 billion land animals per year is a risky business, but when something goes wrong it’s often taxpayers — not the corporations that produce America’s meat, milk, and eggs — who foot the bill.


“Public Justice has something to contribute — legal expertise — and asks how to partner in an equitable way with a level playing field, rather than through a top-down relationship.”

J Jordan, Policy Coordinator with Leadership Counsel for Justice & Accountability

Special thanks to the Greenbaum Foundation, Patagonia,
the Schmidt Family Foundation, Stray Dog Institute,
and others for their generous support of this work

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